[PHP] Recursive Array Intersect Key

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A recursive version of the PHP Function: array_intersect_key.

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    * Recursively computes the intersection of arrays using keys for comparison.
    * @param   array $array1 The array with master keys to check.
    * @param   array $array2 An array to compare keys against.
    * @return  array associative array containing all the entries of array1 which have keys that are present in array2.
    function array_intersect_key_recursive(array $array1, array $array2) {
        $array1 = array_intersect_key($array1, $array2);
        foreach ($array1 as $key => &$value) {
            if (is_array($value) && is_array($array2[$key])) {
                $value = array_intersect_key_recursive($value, $array2[$key]);
        return $array1;